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AS Vinmonopolet is 100% owned by the Norwegian State and has the exclusive right to sell beverages with an alcohol content exceeding 4.75 volume percent through retail outlets in Norway. Vinmonopolet was established to provide responsible sale of such beverages, and not to generate profit. The main goal of the company is to accomplish this through running a chain of efficient and service minded stores that focus on social responsibility towards both the individual and the community as a whole.

Total sales in 2015 was 80.475 million liters, a decrease of -0,8% versus 2013. The decrease can be contributed to the increased duty free-quota that was effectuated on July 1st 2014, and consequently more people shop at duty free-shops in airports and ferries, and abroad.

As a group, non-fortified wines decreased by -1,3 % to 65.899 million liters, while the sale of spirits continued its downward trend, showing a decrease of -0,6% to 11.191 million liters. Fortified wine sold 572 000 liters, a -4,2 % decrease from 2014. Sales of both non-alcoholic beverages and strong beers continue to increase, both going up by 9,9% to 349 000 liters and by 12,1% to 2.463 million liters, respectively.

The Norwegian consumption of wine is still dominated by red wines, even though there is a shift towards white and lighter wines, reflecting a move towards a more “European” consumer behavior. This is a trend that is especially noticeable in the Oslo area. The overall continued preference for red wines may be contributed partly to climatic factors. There is a perception that it is “too cold” to drink white wines for much of the year. Red wine from Italy continues to be the leader, followed by France and Spain. The decrease in sale of spirits is believed to be a result of increased tax-free sales rather than reflecting a shift in drinking habits.

Vinmonopolet’s sales revenue in 2015 was 12 792,8 MNOK, excluding VAT. Net profit before tax was 161,4 MNOK, compared to  290,7 MNOK in 2014. Vinmonopolet pays a dividend of 50% on the profit after tax to the owner, amounting to 58,5 MNOK for 2015. As of 31 December 2015, Vinmonopolet had 306 retail-outlets in operation with 1 825 full- and parttime employees, working the equivalent of 1152 full-time employees.

Vinmonopolet’s sales revenue in 2015 was 12 792,8 MNOK, excluding VAT. Net profit before tax was 161,4 MNOK, compared to  290,7 MNOK in 2014.